A Bridal Fantasy: What If...?

Indulge us in a bridal fantasy… what if Jen and Brad were married again? What would Jen wear?  With such a fabulous figure we think Jen would opt for something sleek and sophis­ticated to show off that sensational figure. Silk is absolutely the go-to fabric for Jen with its soft, sensual handle and decadent drape; we think she would rock the minimalist trend and as it’s third time round would keep it low key.

We’ve chosen some decadent silks for Jen’s wedding dress.  Which style do YOU think she would choose…?

Temptation: Silk Double Crepe

Temptation is a wedding fabric that is perfectly suited to creating flowing garments, thanks to its beautiful and luxurious drape. The sheen-free fabric, available in White, Ivory or Cream with a sand-washed finish, Temptation has a divinely soft feeling when worn against the skin.

White Double Crepe Silk - Temptation

Sublime: Silk Heavy Crepe Satin

One face of Sublime Silk Crepe Satin has a delightful lustre while the reverse is matte, doubling the versatility of this wedding dress material. The fabric, which measures 137cm in width, is available exclusively in classic bridal colours of White or Ivory.

Silk Satin - Sublime - Ivory

Magnifique: Silk Crepe Backed Satin

The drape and handle of this super-smooth fabric are just as magnificent as the name suggests. Perfect for creating outfits for either bride or bridesmaids, Magnifique is available in an extensive range of 48 different colours.

White Silk Crepe Backed Satin - Magnifique

So, do you think Jen would prefer to look TEMPTING, SUBLIME or MAGNIFICENT? Join the debate on our social media (facebook and twitter)!

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