Bridal Chic: Amazing Alternatives

The ceremony of marriage is one that relies extensively on tradition. While many brides adore this aspect of the wedding, a growing number of women are moving away from the traditional and towards the thoroughly modern. An excellent way to break with tradition is with the wedding gown; here are three ways to make YOUR gown boho beautiful!

Go Color Crazy

In recent seasons, bridal couture has seen a distinct move away from traditional white and ivory lace and towards a wider palette of colors (Vera Wang shocked the fashionista crowd when she didn't include a single white wedding gown in a bridal collection). Widening your horizons on the color question means that you have even more scope for creativity but if the choice seems top much then go for a color you know suits you, even if that color is black.

Take Control

Off-the-peg, ready-to-wear wedding gowns are most definitely NOT the way to go: your wedding gown should be as unique as you are. Our massive collection of wedding dress material will inspire you to get creative, even if you have no dressmaking experience. Your chosen wedding dress maker will appreciate you coming to them with definite ideas, which they can help you make into a breathtaking reality using our fabrics.

Dare to be Bold

That classic silhouette of a strapless dress is giving way more and more to asymmetric, off-the-shoulder designs so feel free to experiment with new, exciting necklines. If you're really daring, add sheer lace details to the bodice for dramatic effect; for a really racy and definitely non-traditional look, the 'naked' wedding gown is simply sheer lace from head to toe!

If you're ready to be inspired, start browsing our collection of colored lace fabric and wedding dress material. You'll be amazed at the selection and be on your way to boho beauty in minutes!

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