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Bridal Lace Fabric

Bridal lace fabric has for many centuries been used in Wedding Dresses for its feminine and embellishing charms.

There are many variants from different parts of the world, which are made using a variety of techniques and yarns. At Bridal Fabrics, we work very hard to locate the best quality bridal lace from many different sources. We only add a lace to our range if it can add something to our choice, whether it be in design, quality or handle. Our laces are subdivided into categories - beaded lace, chantilly lace, corded lace, guipure lace and laser lace. All of the laces within here can be bought by the full piece or in cut (customer specified) lengths.

Lace fabric offers a feminine touch to any wedding dress and when overlaid another bridal fabric they can look simply stunning.

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Bridal lace fabricIf you can't find what you are looking for, please give a member of our expert team a call 00 44 1254 873333.

Bridal lace fabric is extremely difficult to show off to its best in photos and we therefore recommend that you ask for samples if something is unclear.

Within each lace, if you click on the image, you are able to see a close up, which will show you more of the beautiful detail.