Bridal Tulle for Vibrant Veils

Dating back millennia to ancient Greece and Rome, the veil is one of the oldest items of clothing still worn by modern brides on their wedding day. The original purpose of a veil was to 'protect the bride from evil spirits thwarting her happiness' and, though most of us don't subscribe to such views in modern times, the veil has remained as a staple of wedding wear and is currently a big trend on the bridal couture scene.

Check out this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, in which we showcase a tempting selection of bridal tulle, that quin­tes­sen­tial veil fabric...

Crescendo: Bridal Tulle

With a massive width of over 116 inches and a truly delightful drape, it isn't difficult to understand why Crescendo is the most popular of our veil fabrics online. Ideal for creating stunning veils, this exquisite tulle is available in Ivory, White and Silk White color options.

Ivory Tulle - Crescendo

Carnival: Colored Tulle

The fabulously-floaty handle of Carnival tulle fabric is thanks to its super-light weight of just 19.5 grams per square meter. A soft-knitted Italian fabric, Carnival bridal tulle is available in over 30 different colors including Aqua, Pistachio, Gunmetal, Turquoise, Jade, Cherry, Violet, Yellow, Silver, Emerald, Lilac, Orchid, Orange, Candy, Grape and Blush. Why not purchase a shade card to see the full color range?

Blush Tulle - Carnival

Concept: Crystallized Tulle

The epitome of simple elegance, Concept is a wonderfully-soft Italian fabric that we have sent all the way to Austria for expert embel­lis­hment. Gorgeous and glamorous, this fabulous tulle is emblazoned with genuine Swarovski crystals, giving the material a sublime sparkle.

Ivory Crystal Carnival

Mission: Glitter Tulle

We added Mission to our online fabric store two years ago and it has remained an extremely popular choice ever since. Mission begins with a superbly-sheer tulle that boasts an alluring handle. Our designer has then added a careful sprinkle of clear, shimmering glitter. Color options include Ivory, Blush and Champagne.

Blush Glitter Tulle - Mission

Sensation: Silk Tulle

If you want to feel sensational on your big day (which of course you do!), then this is the Ivory tulle wedding fabric for you. Made from the Queen of Fabrics (100% pure silk), Sensation has a divine drape and amazing handle. A much wider version of this style is available as Phenomenon on our website. We also offer Furore, a firmer version of Sensation that can be supplied in your choice of Black or White color options.

Silk Tulle - Sensation

Sparkle: Bridal Tulle

With diamond-shaped holes and a hypnotic sparkle effect, this addition to our collection of online fabrics is simply magical. Order ain Ivory, Cream or White and we think you'll agree!

Ivory Tulle - Sparkle

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