Fantasy Wedding Fabric: Create a Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and kids all over the country are already writing out their lists for Santa. The great thing about being an adult is that it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice: you can have your very own wishlist either way! Why not start creating yours right now from our sumptuous collection of dress fabrics online? Here's the Bridal Fabrics wishlist to inspire you...

Muriel: Ivory Floral Embroidery Lace

Muriel: Ivory Floral Embroidery Lace

Decadent and dramatic, Muriel is a stylish wedding dress lace decorated with a bold, flamboyant floral design embroidered on a super-sized scale. In addition to classy corded elements, our designer has added a generous sprinkling of sequins, resulting in a fabulous Ivory lace creation. 


Justice: Tri-Acetate Crepe

Justice: Tri-Acetate Crepe

This luxurious crepe fabric weighs a massive 470 grams per linear meter, making it the heaviest such material we carry at our online fabric store. Colored a rich Ivory, Justice is one of our most regal online fabrics and has a gorgeous texture thanks to the unique combination of polyester and tri-acetate used in its manufacture. 



Venetia: Ivory 3D Lace

ILooking for a truly elegant wedding lace online? Your search stops here! Venetia bridal lace boasts an extra­vag­antly-embroidered abstract pattern that is highlighted with delightful laser-cut petals, giving it an eye-catching three-dimen­si­onality.­ 

Ivory 3D Lace - Venetia (Close Up)

Jamboree: Silk Blend Mikado

This Italian-crafted mikado wedding dress material is made from a careful blend of polyester and the softest silk. It's rich handle and magnificent drape combine with a deep, superbly-textured appearance and you can choose from a range of color options included Blush, Black, White and Dark Ivory. 

Sorcery: Glitter Tulle

Be spellbound by Sorcery, a feminine and glamorous tulle that is festooned with handfuls of alluring glitter embel­lis­hment. Color options include Champagne, Ivory and Black. Simply magical!­ 

Ivory Glitter Tulle - Sorcery

Galliano: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Onto a background of super-sheer Ivory tulle, our designer has embroidered a display of lovely leaves to create Galliano. With subtle differences on each side, the arresting pattern is enhanced with large leaves; these are made using sequin-embellished raschel lace that glitters with silver threadwork. Galliano is also available in Dusky Pink.

Attraction: Glitter Tulle

A tulle colored a breathtaking Pale Ivory has been given a dusting of ivory and matte glitter to create Attraction which, we think you'll agree, is the perfect name for this fantastic fabric. Order a free sample today to truly appreciate its unrivaled beauty!

Ivory Glitterised Tulle - Attraction

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