Lace Fabric: Captivating Coral

Combining the wedding and honeymoon into one magical, fairytale event is something that more and more couples are choosing to do. The 'destination wedding' has never been more popular and on a tropical beach is definitely the place to do it for maximum effect! With a beach wedding, the theme is already laid out for you by nature and you can complement that beauty using coral-inspired lace fabric.

Here are three of our favourite lace fabric styles inspired by the ethereal natural beauty of coral...

Asia: Ivory Embroidered Lace

An ivory tulle base has been carefully embroidered with columns of soaring motifs, perfectly capturing the undulating formations created by coral beneath the waves. Translucent sequins have been added to highlight these delicate designs, bringing a subtle shimmer that constantly changes as light plays on the feminine fabric.

Nancy: Ivory Beaded Lace

Thrilling and enigmatic, reefs of coral strands unfurl across the body of this versatile and dramatic lace. The soft tulle base creates a wonderful handle that moves in waves, reflecting the liquid movements of the ocean. As well as being a wonderful fabric to create bridal gowns with, it is also ideal for evening wear.

Haydn: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Dive into a magical underwater realm with this ivory embroidered lace, which features perfectly symmetrical branches of coral reaching from the very edges into the centre of the tulle. As the coral motifs thin out, they give way to delightful clusters of villi, an exciting touch that makes this lace fabric absolutely unique.

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