Peace Silk (108cm­/43") – Sanctity

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A satin fabric with a composition of 95% Silk and 5% Lycra, this a a "Peace" or "Ahminsa" Silk, that measures 108 cm (43") wide. Peace silks are woven using filament that is harvested from cocoons from which the silk worm is allowed to hatch. The silk worm becomes a moth and the vacant cocoons are used. 

Silk made in this way is more expensive as the process requires appro­ximately an extra fortnight to allow the larvae to grow and the moths to hatch. Also the coccons are partially eaten during the hatching process so that the yield is far lower. 

The materials used in this process are certified in accordance with GOTS, and are therefore produced in a fashion that is both ecologically and socialy responsible.




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