Wedding Fabric: Crazy Colour Combinations

If you think that wedding dress fabrics are all white or ivory then this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog is definitely going to open your eyes! You're going to discover an exciting collection of fabulously flirty, party-worthy, red carpet ravishing, colour-crushing fantasy fabrics online. Get your creative juices flowing with these colourful concoctions...

Glenys: Multi­coloured Lace

An intriguing colour lace that we added to our online fabric shop in Spring 2020, Glenys is bang on trend for the coming seasons. The embroidered tulle base has been digitally printed with a plethora of different colours, ranging from oranges and pinks to blues and purples. Laser-cut petals, which are made from a georgette type fabric, adorn the wedding dress lace, along with a smattering of glitzy sequins. Subtle scalloped edges add the finishing touch.


Delice: Multi­coloured Sequinned Tulle

Magnificent and spectacular, Delice multi­coloured fabric is pure couture. The bridal lace has been embroidered lovingly by hand, creating a magical, luxurious effect. Delice is decorated with a plethora of different sequins in all the colours of the rainbow, sparkling and glistening as the wearer moves.


Octavia: Multi­coloured Lace

Octavia is an absolutely enchanting wedding lace online, emblazoned with a decadent, eye-catching floral pattern on a base of exquisite tulle fabric. There are three different colourways available: Twilight, Garden and Ocean.

Octavia: Multicoloured Lace

Clarette: Nude Embellished Tulle

Clarette is a truly unique fabric that can be used to create magical bridal wear and other special-occasion garments. Onto a nude tulle base, our designer has applied an extravagant array of pearls in many different colours, spacing them out evenly across the generous width of the fabric.

Fancy tulle

Ginger: Multi­coloured Lace

Be the belle of the ball in this gorgeous multi­coloured bridal lace! Ginger is based on an ivory tulle which has been embellished with laser-cut georgette motifs and a handful of clear, reflective sequins. One border extends deeply into the magnificent fabric, leading to an elegant trim at the other end. Three-dimensional butterflies swoop majestically across the material.


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